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Jon Haddock – Open for Business

Jon Haddock
Title – Zeitgeist
Business – The Headquarters

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Partnering with The Headquarters, a headshop on University Drive and Ash Ave, Jon Haddock’s project consists of two images.  The first is a photograph installed in the gallery cataloging headshop ephemera collected by the artist from roughly 1972 to 1982 titled 1974; the second, titled 2010, is located in the poster racks at The Headquarters. The image was arrived at through an interview with the owner of The Headquarters regarding his best selling posters, and how the themes have changed over time. As the artist was informed, Bob Marley posters have always been great sellers, but more recently posters portraying bad guys and gangsters have been the trend. The artist set forth to create a contemporary image in line with the trend.  The subject of the second piece is Edgar Valdez Villarreal – La Barbie – the American born high-school football star, who is the alleged leader of Los Negros, and until recently fighting for control of the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel.


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