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Tania Katan – Open for Business

Tania Katan
Recent Living History Tours Presents…
Checked Out: The Rise and Fall of The Library Bar & Grill
Business – The Library Bar & Grill*

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Recent Living History Tours sets out to tell the stories of bus boys, waitresses, cobblers, jewelers and others who worked hard to create a sense of identity, purpose and income,  only to have their place of employment shut down. Recent Living History Tours is a series of monologue-tours given in public spaces; there is no admission fee, no items sold and very few props used. The tour guide (Pina Sbrocca) tries to inhabit characters that they know very little about because of social, economic and geographical distance. Recent Living History Tours explores what it means to reenact history as it unfolds and how our personal histories and professional personas are much closer than we think.

*The project was originally set to occur in The Library Bar & Grill location on Mill Avenue and 5th Street before they closed their doors in May of 2010. Katan’s original proposal was adjusted with the performance now appearing at the ASU Art Museum.


Open for Business Artist Spotlights:
Marco Rosicelli – Buffalo Exchange
Saskia Jorda – The Shoe Mill
Peter Bugg with Ryan Peter Miller – ASU Art Museum Store
Mary Lucking – Rúla Búla
David Tinapple – Cartel Coffee Lab
Cyndi Coon –  Downtown Tempe Community, Inc. (DTC)
Jon Haddock – The Headquarters
Tania Katan – The Library Bar & Grill*
Adam Murray – Caffe Boa
Wendy Furman – BrandX Custom T-Shirts
Matthew Mosher – Fascinations
Erin V. Sotak – La Bocca
Chris Todd – Sucker Punch Sally’s*
Jen Urso – The Bicycle Cellar
Nic Wiesinger – Monti’s La Casa Vieja

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Open for Business

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