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Nic Wiesinger – Open for Business

Nic Wiesinger
Title – Table Touches
Business – Monti’s La Casa Vieja

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Monti’s La Casa Vieja is located in the Hayden house, the oldest continuously inhabited building in the entire Valley, built in 1871 by Charles Trumbull Hayden. It served a hub of activity for Hayden: as his family home, as a boat landing for the ferry crossing the Salt River and site of a general store.  The City of Tempe has grown outward from this point.  His son Carl Hayden, who was born in the Hayden house, also known as La Casa Vieja or The Old House, served the State of Arizona in the U.S. Senate for 56 years. 

During the course of the exhibition, Wiesinger will assume the role of a manager, roaming the restaurant conducting table touches, a standard restaurant practice of brief conversations with guests regarding their evening and dining experience.  The artist will be conversing with the guests to understand the deeper history of Monti’s La Casa Vieja, one that goes beyond a physical building and connects on a personal level.  Since Leonard Monti purchased the building in 1954, every graduation dinner, anniversary and family gathering adds another layer to its rich history.  These imprinted histories will be shared by the artist, through these photographs and texts, one experience at a time.

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Open for Business

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