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Jen Urso – Open for Business

Jen Urso
Title –taking on a different form
Business – The Bicycle Cellar

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With The Bicycle Cellar‘s cooperation, artist Jen Urso has been profiling and interviewing some of their members on their biking routes, exploring the concept of time, philosophy of movement and health issues. This information has been compiled into a map showing the bicyclists and the routes they take.

During the process, the artist began to transport herself by bike and by foot, recording her answers to the same questions asked of the participants.

The artist has noticed that the usual reaction she gets from others is the concern for the time it takes to do these things. A fifteen-minute walk is a two-minute drive. People generally seem to be more concerned with the speed in which they can get somewhere than the journey in between. Urso is interested in The Bicycle Cellar because, unlike the typical bike shop, it facilitates the active use of the bicycle as a mode of transportation.

With the resurgence of biking in the city, and places like The Bicycle Cellar, the artist believes there is a desire in many people to seek out an experience that is not the fastest option, but one that is motivated by a different need, the need to compromise speed for a more sensory, direct and fulfilling experience.


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