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August 4, 2010 at 11:57 pm

We are working on a free lecture series for this coming fall that will be presented by lawyers on topics of interest to artists. They have provided us with potential topics, but we wanted to ask which 3 or 4 might be of most interest to you?

Please send back your top 3-4 in ranked order, 1-4 . We appreciate your feedback and will work to realize this series for your benefit.

Here is the list to select from:

1. Copyright and Trademark Law-general
2. Contract interpretation for an artist (types, what to look for, clauses)
3. Contract interpretation for a gallery (ditto)
4. Insurance liability for galley owners
5. Insurance for artists
6. Taxes for artists
7. Intro to business formation-types, benefits/negatives, responsibilities.
8. LLC formation
9. 501(c)3 formation
10. Employment information for gallery owners and artists-contracts, work for hire distinction, payment, compliance.
11. Negotiating a contract as an artist-techniques and things to ask for.
12. First Amendment Rights-Vending licenses and freedom of expression
13. Basic business practices-bills of sale, record keeping, etc.
14. Lease agreements for artists and gallery owners in gallery spaces
15. Obtaining rights to existing works, making a “transformative work”, defenses to infringement

Post your responses as comments below…

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