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Indie Chic preview

children's designs by All A Flutter

children's designs by All A Flutter

In case you were wondering who’s going to be at Indie Chic, here are a few photos of just some of the artists’ work. We’ve got art, jewelry, ceramics, wood cutting boards and bowls, clothes, paper items, and because we’re feeling it lately, some zombies, too.  (You didn’t think we’d finish out the year without them, did you?) Everything is handmade by local artists- this is a great way to support our own community.  (And how else are zombies made?!)

Indie Chic is the alternative craft fair being held at ASU Art Museum on December 5.  It’s the same day as our First Saturdays event (this month’s project: spin art!) and also the Tempe Festival of the Arts.

If you’re afraid of parking in downtown Tempe with all this fabulous stuff going on, don’t be! Tempe is public transit-friendly: check out the free Orbit buses in Tempe or take light rail from everywhere else to the Mill Ave and 3rd Street station and walk south. Both get you here conveniently and you won’t have to worry about your car!

Tom Budzak

Tom Budzak

Monsoon Woodworks

Monsoon Woodworks

Betsy Rosenmiller

Betsy Rosenmiller

December 5 is THIS SATURDAY! Make it a creative day!


November 30, 2009 at 9:21 pm

Buffalo Blood

Despite the title of this post, no buffaloes will be harmed!

However there will be blood in Buffalo, New York this week as I head north to shoot a new video in residence at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. Red Rum, filmed on location in Buffalo, features local young actors, musicians, and homes.

Stay tuned…


November 30, 2009 at 3:11 am

Stop Motion Editing

In case you thought I had long forgotten about Tempe and the desert, think again! Today I am furiously (actually, rather calmly) editing a stop motion animation shot on location at a private swimming pool, filmed with the help of three fabulous ASU graduate students – Alison Sweet, Cory Weeks, and Julie Ganas, and the uber-talented John Spiak. There are neither zombies nor vampires in this video, and no cacti were harmed.

Production still above.


November 30, 2009 at 2:55 am

Holidays at the Museum

Holiday Mixer at ASU Art Museum

*Co-sponsored by Heidi’s Events and Catering*

December 15, 2009

5:30 – 7:30 pm


Open to the public

Join Heidi’s Events and Catering, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and ASU Art Museum as we celebrate the holiday season with our friends in the community!

Heidi’s Events is providing an amazing feast you won’t want to miss.

Refreshments including wine and sodas provided

See the exhibitions of the ASU Art Museum’s Defining Sustainability season:

Canalscape – extended through Dec. 16!

Defining Sustainability: From the ASU Art Museum Collection

Nowhere to Hide: Three Artists in the Desert (Julie Anand, Richard Lerman & Carrie Marill)

Jillian Mcdonald: Alone Together in the Dark, video exhibition

Also open: I’m Keeping an Eye on You, video exhibition; historic art in the Americas Gallery

While you’re here:

Mel Chin’s Fundred Dollar Bill project will be set up in the museum lobby. Plan to spend a few minutes creating your own fake hundred dollar bill, a.k.a., a “fundred”, to donate to the project. It’s free and doesn’t take long to do – your art contribution will help petition the government to make New Orleans a lead-safe city, hopefully the first of many to be so. All materials will be available in the museum’s lobby for you to use. Donated Fundreds are planned for the Smithsonian!

*The Museum Store will be open! Get those last minute gifts at our unique and eclectic store!*

Plus – we’re doing a few STORE GIVE-AWAYs!

Make sure you drop in a business card when you get here – we’re drawing for some fun prizes!


Attendees to this event will be able to park for free in ASU’s Lot 16!

Lot 16 is located in two areas – immediately next to the Ceramics Research Center (CRC) on the southeast corner of Mill Avenue and 10th Street, and between Chili’s Restaurant (at the southeast corner of University and Mill Ave) and the Tempe Center (where Sacks is located).

There is also metered parking available immediately in front of the museum and located along both Mill Avenue and 10th Street. *You will still have to pay for metered parking.*

Please refer to the map for lot location details:

Museum parking map for Dec. 15 Holiday Mixer event!

There's LOTS of FREE PARKING for our event!

this Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours is co-sponsored by:

Heidi's Catering & Events Tempe Chamber of Commerce logo

November 23, 2009 at 8:00 pm

Installation – Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark

Jillian Mcdonald Alone Together in the Dark


November 23, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Recording Studio

In the second week of November, Adam Murray and I transformed my apartment at ASU into a temporary recording studio.

Mattresses formed a sound booth (above) while the bed held instruments (below). We screamed, hissed, moaned, and played auto harp and guitar here. Plus the aforementioned celery snarfing.

We set up a nice little work station (above) while the rest of the room was a mess (below).

Sometimes we played nice (above), sometimes we argued over my “illegible” notes (below), and sometimes technology was not our friend (way below).


November 23, 2009 at 4:37 pm

If You’re in Santa Fe!

Mounira Al Solh, The Sea Is a Stereo, Video number 2, Paris Without a Sea, 2007-2008. Courtesy of the artist.

If you are in the Santa Fe, NM area, a heads-up that the exhibition “I’m Keeping an Eye on You” is traveling to the Center for Contemporary Art December 4 -January 31!

– John

November 20, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Friday Conversations@11: Canalscape with Braden Kay

Don’t miss the next great discussion in our ongoing series.  This Friday the 20th, ASU graduate student Braden Kay, who has worked extensively with Dr. Nan Ellin,  will host the discussion about the Canalscape project.  The conversation will be held in our Nymphaeum amongst the current installation of Canalscape at our museum.  It’s from 11-12 and, as always, free of charge.



November 19, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Gordon Knox named new ASU Art Museum Director

Exciting news here at ASU Art Museum – we have officially announced our new, permanent director.

We’re thrilled to welcome Gordon Knox to Arizona from Stanford, where he’s currently Director of Global Initiatives in their School of Humanities and Sciences. He’ll join us part time in January while he finishes out his current projects, and will be full time here by July 2010.

Welcome, Gordon! I can’t promise you won’t be turned into a zombie at some point while you’re here. Or that no one will suggest you volunteer to be dunked in a tank for fundraising purposes (the greater good, Gordon! the Greater Good!) but it will be rewarding, challenging and fun. We think you’ll fit right in, and we’re looking forward to working with you!


November 18, 2009 at 11:28 pm

zombies, fin.

We were so sad to say goodbye to artist Jillian Mcdonald and her motley collection of vampires and zombies this past week.

But the exhibition lives on! You can still come in and see her gallery in the ASU Art Museum, showing the final films, through January 9, 2010.

If you missed any part of it, search through this blog from Oct5 – Nov. 14 – Jillian was great about documenting her work and what was happening with the project. So you can get caught up either before or after viewing her films.

zombies at ASU Art Museum

zombies at ASU Art Museum



November 17, 2009 at 8:11 pm

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