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We anticipate the arrival of Jillian McDonald

jillian banner

Jillian McDonald’s new exhibition Alone Together in the Dark is about to open! Exhibition dates are Oct. 5, 2009 – Jan 9, 2010.

Jillian will be  in residence Oct. 5 – Nov. 14, 2009.  As with all of our Social Studies projects, we encourage everyone to come to the museum to meet the artist and work directly with her, to influence and help create her project! It’s free to participate, and you never know who you’re going to meet…

Also- join in our free conversations with the artist and curator John Spiak:

Friday Conversations @11 – Oct. 9 (The Start)

Friday Conversations @11 – Nov. 13 (The End)

Social Studies challenges the traditional exhibition format by opening with an empty gallery and an artist in residence who considers social interaction a crucial part of their art-making.  Vistors are invited into the gallery to participate with the artist to create objects and installations, or to observe and question the process.  Working through public/private partnerships with multiple ASU departments, schools and community organizations, the project brings museum visitors into the creative process, invites extensive collaboration with community and university students, and emphasizes the museum’s role as a vital gatehring place.

This is our fifth Social Studies project.

October 1, 2009 at 11:12 pm

New installation going up in the galleries!

Installing a bottles which depicts change in water levels at the Hoover dam over time

Installing a bottles which depicts change in water levels at the Hoover dam over time

Just a brief update to show some of the new work going up in one of our galleries.  Being involved working or volunteering at an organization that changes so rapidly is an interesting experience.

Sometimes things are changing so rapidly I have a tough time keeping track of them all.  In this installation, “Hoover: Water | Power,” artist Richard Lerman uses  different materials to explore water as a resource, the Hoover dam and interaction of man with his environment.  This will definitely be one of the exhibitions to keep an eye on as it nears completion.

– Nick

October 1, 2009 at 10:04 pm

Broadcast TV visits us to interview Mel Chin

Picture of Mel Chin interview

Picture of Mel Chin and also a very fine pink hat

Last week the TV show Planet Awesome visited our museum to interview artist Mel Chin.  The colorfully dressed Stefan, host of Planet Awesome, took an hour to learn more about the artist as well as his current project – the Fundred dollar bill – which aims to reduce toxic levels of lead in the land of Louisiana.  In this photo you can see them talking in the defining sustainability exhibition that is currently on display at the museum.

What really surpised me was the depth and breadth of information that came out in the short time frame of the interveiw.  In addition to general information on the project, there was a lively discussion about lead, why it occurs, its effects, and what means are necessary to decrease lead levels in the environment.  The artist also discussed his relationships with the people and the environment in his project, as well as his own motivations and compulsions for his current project.

– Nick

October 1, 2009 at 9:27 pm

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