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Change at the Museum

ASU Art Museum 3rd floor gallery under construction

Working as a volunteer gives an interesting perspective on museums and art.  I have been a volunteer here for a few months and have experienced how dynamic the environment here really is.   As the fall season gets into full swing we hope to be providing more and more behind-the-scenes footage of the workings of a museum.

Last week I snapped a few quick photos of the third floor gallery under construction, and this week I took a few more showing how things are shaping up there.

The gallery is still under construction, but things are progressing rapidly.  Now classes are being taught, and many pieces are  fully assembled and presented.

Students attend a class in the third floor gallery, still under construction

Exhibitions change here every three months – a refreshing idea to a person like me who previously thought of museums as being generally static places for experiencing art.  In the two photos you can see the evolution of the red ceramic sculpture of Eddie Dominguez as well as other select works of art.

On the second floor, I’m Keeping an Eye on You, curated by John Spiak is progressing rapidly as well.  In the photo you can see the curator himself hard at work on one of the current installations.

Curator John Spiak works on his current exhibition "I'm Keeping an Eye on You"

Not only do the exhibitions change frequently, the variety of artwork that they sample is extraordinary.  In the third floor there is everything from paintings, photos, ceramics and sculpture, while the I’m Keeping an Eye on You exhibition will rely heavily on video installations.  In this photo curator John Spiak works diligently on his new exhibition.


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