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How to Unpack a “fully functional chair”

Tom Eckert’s MM-342:Tank Chair (1978-79) just got back from the Craft In America: Expanding Traditions Traveling Exhibition, and our preparators had to unpack its crate!

Quote of the Day:

“Any fool can make a wood chair, but it takes a tough of imagination to put tank tracks on the chair. It looks like a mechanized wheel chair. I was looking for the gun mount.”

-Hardy Price, 1982, about MM-342:Tank Chair

February 19, 2009 at 11:49 pm

Welcome to the US!

Paulo, John and Marcio at ASU Art Museum

Paulo, John and Marcio at ASU Art Museum

Brazilian artist Paulo Nenflidio arrived in town yesterday, along with collaborator Marcio Botner, director of A-Gentil Carioca. (That’s Paulo on the left, John center and Marcio on the right.)

Paulo is at ASU Art Museum as part of our Social Studies initiative. He’ll be working in a gallery in the museum to create a sound sculpture – and we want you to help! Our Social Studies program invites the community- students, local residents, art lovers, the not-so-good-with-art crowd, everyone – to participate with the artists directly and help create art. What’s more important: we want everyone to experience the creative process.

All materials you may need are supplied by the museum for free. You don’t need to register or anything- just show up. And there’s never even an admission fee. We make it really easy to join in the fun!


February 19, 2009 at 12:10 am

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