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Anila Rubiku – Collaborative Project in Progress


Set-up Day 1


Day 2

Day 2

A few progress report images as CEC ArtsLink Fellow Artist in Residence Anila Rubiku collaborates with members of the Arizona State University Art Museum community. 
– Curator John

October 29, 2008 at 11:12 pm

My first day working inside the ASU Art museum, with a group of people.

an european artist in Tempe Arizona!!!!!!

sometimes, things change

 and big changes are most of the time are for the best.


Gosh it’s really great. 

At the beginning I though oh where and what is this city for… so BIG, 

huge cars,  what do they need them for?

the sun that is so strong and oh Gosh the heat…

so I still ask myself many things I see here and don’t understand.

But here I am,

after a week and I really like it. Like the creasines of this big spaces, a kind of free spirit that we european always speak.

 Thinking big and doing big. 

Well nowdays thinking big and doing big is not the same but once a while here it can happen.


Yesterday was my first day working inside the ASU Art Museum, 

me and the others are producing an art work into a museum gallery.

It makes me feel special. 


The museums are made for showing an art work but not for producing an art work.

Not a Lab or a studio!

So this is what I like the most here. 

Changes, changing ways of doing, sometimes my attitude.

And maybe showing after this work out not into a museum.

 Il contenuto e il contenitore is the base of this change.

Well girls thank you very much for coming and collaborating at my projects.

Thank you for helping me

Let see what and who is coming today. 

I know that the best has yet to come…

Dreaming how this work is going to be!!!

 -Anila Rubiku

October 29, 2008 at 4:05 pm

October 2008

ASU Ceramics Research Center Library