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Listening, learning, enjoing, doing some art work. Workshop inside the Americas Gallery.


– Anila Rubiku

October 31, 2008 at 6:55 pm

student perspective

Check out ASU Grad Student Lynette A.’s blog and her experience working with Anila Rubiku!

Come and be a creative force in the Museum – work with Anila on this community project! Stop by Tuesday – Friday in the Americas Gallery on the second floor.

We would also like to thank Moroso for providing the leather on which Anila’s story is being sewn.  


October 30, 2008 at 7:03 pm

Anila Rubiku – Collaborative Project in Progress


Set-up Day 1


Day 2

Day 2

A few progress report images as CEC ArtsLink Fellow Artist in Residence Anila Rubiku collaborates with members of the Arizona State University Art Museum community. 
– Curator John

October 29, 2008 at 11:12 pm

My first day working inside the ASU Art museum, with a group of people.

an european artist in Tempe Arizona!!!!!!

sometimes, things change

 and big changes are most of the time are for the best.


Gosh it’s really great. 

At the beginning I though oh where and what is this city for… so BIG, 

huge cars,  what do they need them for?

the sun that is so strong and oh Gosh the heat…

so I still ask myself many things I see here and don’t understand.

But here I am,

after a week and I really like it. Like the creasines of this big spaces, a kind of free spirit that we european always speak.

 Thinking big and doing big. 

Well nowdays thinking big and doing big is not the same but once a while here it can happen.


Yesterday was my first day working inside the ASU Art Museum, 

me and the others are producing an art work into a museum gallery.

It makes me feel special. 


The museums are made for showing an art work but not for producing an art work.

Not a Lab or a studio!

So this is what I like the most here. 

Changes, changing ways of doing, sometimes my attitude.

And maybe showing after this work out not into a museum.

 Il contenuto e il contenitore is the base of this change.

Well girls thank you very much for coming and collaborating at my projects.

Thank you for helping me

Let see what and who is coming today. 

I know that the best has yet to come…

Dreaming how this work is going to be!!!

 -Anila Rubiku

October 29, 2008 at 4:05 pm

for book lovers everywhere

way to go, Google and AAP!


October 28, 2008 at 4:09 pm

Community Art Project

Our artist in residence, Anila Rubiku, is ready to get started on her big project and she needs your help! Here are the official details- come to the Museum at Mill Avenue and 10th Street, in the Nelson Fine Arts Center, to participate.

Be creative. Be human.  :)


The Arizona State University Art Museum is excited to announce that Artist in Residence Anila Rubiku will be setting up a collaborative project space in the center of the Arizona State University Art Museum’s Americas Gallery.

Beginning Tuesday, October 28, and continuing through Friday, November 14, Anila will be collaborating with members of the community in the gallery during the following scheduled hours:

Tuesday, 2-6pm;  Wednesday through Friday, 1-4pm

All supplies needed for the project will be provided in the gallery, so we ask participants to use our standard check-in process at the front desk for large bags and other items. All participants will be working directly with the artist in a designated/defined/stantioned space within the gallery during scheduled hours. During non-scheduled hours the collaborative project space will be closed but viewable to the public. 

The process will be documented through the new ASU Art Museum blog online at the following address: (you are here!)


2008 ArtsLink Fellow ANILA RUBIKU, ALBANIA

Rubiku, often assisted by members from local communities, constructs large-scale sewn structures that explore urban architectural spaces and the depiction of the human body. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and Asia and in the US. Rubiku is interested in bringing knowledge of American art and architectural centers and community organization practices back to Albania to inform an urban revitalization project she will undertake with architectural students from Tirana and the Lindart Cultural Center.

For more information on the ARTSLINK FELLOWS please visit:

Documentation of the artists work can be found online at:


ArtsLink Fellow Anila Rubiku’s residency is generously funded by CEC ArtsLink, NY. For additional information regarding CEC ArtsLink please visit:

The ASU Art Museum would like to acknowledge the following for their additional in-kind assistance with the residency: Comfort Inn of Tempe; Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau


We look forward to collaborating with you!

 – Diane

October 27, 2008 at 10:25 pm


appearing at an event near you (photo courtesy of

appearing at an event near you (photo courtesy of

Thank you to the nearly 200 people who attended our last opening reception! I think there were even more than that when you count all the folks hanging out on our front patio; seen here is the Van That Thought Out Loud, a social art project brought to you by ASU’s own Nic Wiesinger, a student in our Intermedia program. Email things to write on the van, or better yet, invite him to drive over and let your guests speak their minds!

Thanks for coming by with the van, Nic!

—  Diane

October 20, 2008 at 8:40 pm

Today’s lunch…

Today I ventured out and went to the 8th Annual Empty Bowls event in downtown phx.  You can pick from tables and tables of bowls by local artists, art students, etc.  For $12 you can pick the best bowl that fits your personalty and fill it w/ a pasta lunch donated by a local restaurant.  The best part is that the proceeds from the sales benefit Waste Not.  Waste not remains the only perishable food rescue program in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  They collect excess food from restaurants, resorts, caterers, etc and delivers to over 80 agencies that feed the hungry (  There are more Empty Bowls events coming up… check it out.  Good food, uniquely crafted bowls and a great cause.   -Mary-Beth

October 17, 2008 at 9:16 pm

Opening Tonight!

The Late Show

Nadia Hironaka: The Late Show

At the ASU Art Museum: 7 – 9pm.
This show and the ASU Art Faculty Exhibition both run through January 25!
— Diane

October 17, 2008 at 8:03 pm

Carpet Installation for Nadia Hironaka: The Late Show

Executive Flooring crew installs carpet in The Late Show

Executive Flooring crew installs carpet in The Late Show

Executive Flooring crew installs carpet in The Late Show 2

Executive Flooring crew installs carpet in The Late Show 2

As preparations continue for Nadia Hironaka’s video installation The Late Show, today an outstanding crew from Executive Flooring Systems, Inc, Phoenix is installing carpet throughout the space. 


See the full video installation for the first time as we invite you to join us for the FREE PUBLIC OPENING RECEPTION this Friday, October 17 from 7-9pm.  It also marks the opening of the ASU Faculty Exhibition and rumor has it that an ASU student or two may be organizing a guerrilla performance in front of the Museum that night!

— Curator John

October 16, 2008 at 5:45 pm

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